Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tell me about yourself!

Hi! Since we won't have much chance to chat this week in class, and so that I know you have figured out the IT to comment on the blog, please take a few minutes to tell me some things about you that could help me be the best teacher possible for you, or that I might just find cool and interesting. Remember that your classmates will be able to read whatever you say.....:-)


  1. Hello Jonna (and everbody that reads this),
    My name is Isolina. Something about me that could help you be the best possible teacher for me is that if I understand what is going on in class, I usually get really into it and enjoy it, but sometimes some classes can go a bit too fast. I guess something you could do that would be helpful to me is to be available to go over things that we've learned in class. Something that you might find cool and interesting... or just interesting (and that is related to science) is that I like dinosaurs so much that I have a dinosaur themed set of camping utensils that I got when I was like five from the Old Spaghetti Factory.
    thanks for being my teacher!
    I.P. Arana

  2. Hi Jonna!
    This is Elena. I am the quintessential visual learner. Whenever I've ever taken any learning style and/or personality test, I always score VISUAL to the most thats its able to. That probably will be an advantage rather than a burden in biology, though.


  3. Hi Jonna,
    This is Maya. I definitely work best with lectures/notes, so I am hoping that the current system will be good. I am not so visual, so things like diagrams/pictures usually need written/oral descriptions for me to fully understand them. I am really interested in Biology though so I am looking forward to this class!


  4. Hey Jonna,

    This is Alexandra. I seem to work well with the visual/tactile combination of taking notes off Powerpoints; I also really like discussing ideas. Just a warning: I frequently come up with weird/random questions! Humor is always appreciated of course.

    Looking forward to this year,


  5. Hi Jonna!

    This is May. I work best with the lecture/note system, and follow-up on any questions at the end. I learn best when there is discussion about the topic, but my pet peeve is pointless questions that take up a lot of time.

    I really like bio--I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so this year should be fun!


  6. Hey Jonna, it's Nate!
    I have a very logical brain. Rules stick to me much better than facts, but I study and learn them eventually. I enjoy Science and Math more than most subjects; in fact this year I am forgoing a history so I can take both AP Chem and Bio.
    To me, laboratory level Biology sounds like one of the most interesting evolving sciences today, and I hope to learn a lot in this class!

  7. Hi Jonna,

    This is Michele. I'm definitely a visual learner, not only in terms of diagrams and pictures (though those are extremely helpful) but also in terms of physically seeing words on screens and on paper. (Something that is related and kind of interesting about me is that I take notes in probably every color of the rainbow. I can remember a certain heading that I wrote in blue, and remember that the supporting information was written in orange, so if I remember what I wrote in orange, I can connect it back to what it's related to, just in case I can't remember the concept as a whole.) I really appreciate that the class has included PowerPoint so far, since it really helps me understand and remember information.

    Science is one of my favorite subjects, so I'm really looking forward to Biology!


  8. Hi I am Ben. The way I study best is by making flashcards out of all the key facts/ideas and general stuff that could be on a test. (I usually find a way to turn everything into flashcard-able material) Also taking good notes and then typing them up works very well (although I'm not great at doing this religiously...) Science is one of my favorite subjects and do enjoy doing labs (although I don't enjoy writing about science too much).

    See you tomorrow,

  9. Hi Jonna,

    Something you might want to know about my learning style is that I am a visual learner in the sense that I like when teachers use powerpoints and write on the board. I like diagrams and pictures as well because they help me to better visualize what I am writing in my notes. I also like when classes are a bit more layed back and fun because it makes the material in turn more interesting for me. I really love science and I am seriously considering becoming a doctor. I am very much looking forward to this class!


  10. I'm Mason. I used to go to Head Royce and when I was there they made us take a "learning styles test." Apparently I'm a "tactile kinesthetic learner." I'm not exactly sure what that means but it definitely sounds too complicated to modify my learning style. I think I learn best through reading aloud which drives my parents crazy.

    As for something interesting about me? Chinese was my first language, however I dream in English but when I sing the song "Jingle Bells," the default language is Spanish.

  11. Hi Jonna,
    I'm Alice!
    I learn best by reading the material in the textbook and taking notes the night before and then discussing it in class the next day so I more fully understand it. But I also do best in classes where the teacher is really excited and interested about their subject matter, because it then gets me interested and enthusiastic about learning as well and the class becomes a lot of fun. But I can already see this year wil be great.
    Some interesting facts about me:
    (Not bio-related): I play volleyball, basketball and run track, but out of all of those my favorite "sport" is throwing the discus.
    (Bio-related): Last summer I went around the Galapagos Islands for 2 weeks on a catamaran with my family, and in short it was an absolutely incredible experience and it has made me really excited to learn more about evolution and bio!

  12. Hi I'm Connor. I learn quickly from taking notes and seeing diagrams. I can easily memorize rules/laws, but I usually have a hard time fully understanding them.

  13. Hello Jonna,

    I'm Betty. I'm a visual learner, so I like to draw pictures and rewrite notes when I study. A lot of the things I remember are topics that were discussed in class. I love listening to different types of Latin and Asian music. I like to read magazines and go shopping in my spare time. I am very excited about all the new and interesting things I will learn in this class!



  14. Hi Jonna,
    It's Erica. Something that helps me learn is to take notes while I'm in class and when I'm doing reading (for any class). Taking notes helps me to absorb and process what I'm reading about or what the lecture is telling us.
    About me: I joined a club softball team last summer for June before I went on vacation. I go on a long vacation every summer. (Normally it's a road trip.)

  15. Hi Jonna!
    I really like Powerpoint slides and notes/labled diagrams on the board because I learn best when the material is clearly laid out and organized. I have a pretty bad memory for the most part, but for some reason if I write something down, it's a lot easier for me to remember it.
    Random fact: When I was little, my cousins and I went to zoo camp every summer because my uncle worked at the Bronx Zoo. My favorite part was getting to hold a kinkajou!

  16. Jonna,

    I think I do best in class when there is a lot of back-and-forth discussion (at least I enjoy that), but photos and diagrams always help (they often remind me of things I've forgotten).
    I'm really glad to be in bio!. I'm a bit of a nerd in terms of zoology and paleontology (and botany, to some extent).
    I like hiking, and I do a lot of music and gardening when I have free time. (you probably already knew that last one already.......)

  17. Hey Ms. Jonna!
    I'm Jazmyne Reid. I learn best by taking notes in class and from the reading and discussing it in class. I just like to learn from people who love what they're teaching and I can see you do! I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and I love the South and the East Coast. I run track and I also like playing volleyball. I love learning about other cultures and countries. So can't wait for the rest of the year!

  18. Hey its sydney.
    I learn pretty well from lectures and powerpoints, but it helps me get the big picture a lot more if i am shown the material in a second way also. It doesn't really matter how, even just a short conversation really helps!
    I really love to travel and see new things.

  19. hi jonna!
    so i am adrienne and i am a visual learner.
    the only way i can ever remember anything is if i see information written out, whether it is in my notes or on the board.
    i am very very excited to learn about all sorts of weird creatures, especially the dinosaurs!

  20. Hi, its Aaron.
    For whatever its worth I'm a visual/verbal learner, but I really don't have any preference as to /how/ the information is presented as long as it's presented in a clear way.
    I'm really looking forward to Bio, I've heard nothing but good things about it.


  21. Hi Jonna
    I understand things more when I see them, as apposed to a description, and i also find it helpful sometimes when things are repeated a second time. Im a big sports fan; Ive played hockey all my life and Im a big San Jose Sharks fan.

    Ian Reeves

  22. Hi i'm Frances and I learn the best with visuals, pictures, diagrams, and models. I loovvve chemistry but i'm excited to learn a different science and hopefully ill like it just as much. I love playing almost all sports and I like to dance and do art as well. I also love playing piano guitar and drums

  23. Hi Jonna!!! This is Rochelle...So for my learning style, I tend to be more of a visual learner but I also love class discussions. I'm really looking forward to learning about how all the different processes of the human body work and maybe dissect some not gross stuff!! That would be really cool...My past bio "experience" was a fun summer camp a loooong time ago where I mapped out a life-sife poster of a person with all the parts and got to dissect cow eyeballs/hearts/bones

  24. hey jonna, im rourke... personally i learn best when the teacher interacts with the students and leaves time for questions at the end of lectures, so we all have the opportunity to clear up things before we move on to the another topic. this is important for me because im a pretty curious learner, i like to understand the subject more fully then most. bio sounds like that kind of class i might fit into perfectly, cant wait!

  25. Hi Jonna, this is Gina....
    Im a visual learner, so i love Powerpoints and slides and pictures and taking notes that i can look at over and over again. Also it really helps to have class discussions of the textbook material for it to really click. I sometimes get distracted in class so thats something i really want to work on this year. I really like learning about the body and animals. But not spiders, I completely completely hate spiders. I'm so excited to have you as a teacher this year!

    i like being outdoors and hiking and biking and golf

  26. Hey Jonna!
    This is Julie, from period six. Uh, I guess I draw a lot of inspiration for learning from music and visuals - kinda like Elena. I love movement and action, though not necessarily of the Transformers kind. Something to help you be the best teacher EVER? Can we one day bring in pets? I have two cats!
    Nah, just kidding. I'm really excited for bio this year, because basically, for as far back as I can remember, I've always loved animals and zoology. Maybe you could show us pictures of your trip to the Great Barrier Reef? I'd love to see them!


  27. Hi Jonna,
    I learn best from just listening to lectures and taking notes for the most part. Something interesting about me that's biology related is that I've gone to the Great Barrier Reef too and snorkeled, which was amazing. Something that's not bio related is that I really enjoy sports, especially track.
    I'm really looking forward to bio this year!
    (It looks like the blogging is working from my home computer.)

  28. Hey Jonna,
    I learn the best with Powerpoint slides, lectures and stuff written on the board, I am kind of a neat freak about my notes so this helps me keep them organized. I really like science so I am really excited for this year in bio!

  29. Hi Jonna,
    I learn best from reading, not necessarily from taking notes or from watching PowerPoint presentations. Reading the text is the most effective way for me to absorb information.

  30. Hello,
    This is Julie. Sorry this post is really late!
    The best way for me to learn is through listening in class and taking notes. I'm really interested in the animal body and all its internal systems. I have a terrible short term memory. Computers hate me. I have a deflated appendix in my abdomin.